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6 tips to help correcting separation anxiety in dogs

To solve the problem of Separation Anxiety Syndrome in dogs, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional, but first we can try to modify the behavior by following some guidelines.

white brown anxious dog looking at wis owner | malamute pet shop

1. Rutine

Before leaving home we usually follow a routine: turn off the lights, put on our coat and shoes, take the keys ...). They associate these actions with our departure, so anxiety is triggered before we leave or when they see that we are preparing. To avoid getting nervous ahead of time, it is advisable to perform this ritual at different times of the day without leaving the house afterwards, to avoid that association.

white brown anxious dog looking directly to his owner with flip flops | malamute pet shop

2. When you leave home

Try not to pay too much attention to him before leaving, if you give him pampering and caresses your dog will think that you are going to take him with you and when you leave he will not understand why you have not done it. This behavior is inherent in their nature, since their ancestors, the wolves, show affection when they go hunting together while when they go out alone they do not even say goodbye. Therefore, if you do not say goodbye when you leave, he will understand that it is because you are going to go alone.

white brown anxious dog waiting his owner to leave | malamute pet shop

3. Entertainment

To keep him entertained during your absence, you can give him a lasting treat or a toy that he likes when he leaves the house, you will favor a positive association: the dog will associate your departure with something positive for him. When you return home it is important that you remove the object so that it does not get used to it or else it will lose interest and, therefore, the effect it generates.

white brown anxious dog playing with a fresbee | malamute pet shop

4.When returning home

When you return home, even if it costs you, wait until your dog relaxes to pay attention to him, then we can play with him and reward him with our caresses and words of affection. Wait until they calm down, otherwise they'll think you're approving of their behavior.

white brown anxious dog waiting his owner to arrive home | malamute pet shop

5. No punishment

Do not punish him for what he did in your absence. Dogs are not able to associate punishments or rewards with the action taken after it has already happened. If you return home and you find a fault or something inappropriate and you scold him, your dog will not understand why he is being punished, you will only get him confused.

white brown anxious dog mad because is punished | malamute pet shop

6. Exercise

When you get home, grab the leash and take him for a good walk and to the park so he can run, play, and socialize with other dogs. The excess energy accumulated during the day generates stress and anxiety in the dog, and worsens his behavior. That's why physical activity will help you drain that energy and relax when you get home.

white brown anxious dog holding his walking strap | malamute pet shop

7. Better rest

A bad sleep can increase the chance of aggravating the Separation Anxiety Syndrome, as dogs fight to be alert all the time when they are home alone. A good dog bed provides your dog his own place to curl up and feel safe.

You can see our dog beds and pet blankets specially designed for calming anxiety here.

white brown anxious dog sleeping in a calming donut bed | malamute pet shop

If these measures do not help, consult your veterinarian, he may recommend some calming treatment for anxiety in pets.

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