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Safytravel™ | Water-Repelling Vehicle Dog Mat

Safytravel™ | Water-Repelling Vehicle Dog MatDog Outdoor Back Row (Without Zipper) - Malamute Pet Shop

Safytravel™ | Water-Repelling Vehicle Dog Mat

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Bring your dog everywhere without worrying about your car!

Security for your dog: It's "hamkok" design prevents your dog from falling off the seats and to try to get into the driver's zone. 6 anchor points, slip-proof PVC backing and holes for the seatbelts for extra security. The zip model prevents your dog from running away once you open the door.

Freedom of movement: Creates a safe environment and lets your dog move around the back seats with total security.

security devices for waterproof vehicle mat for dogs | malamute pet shop

Protect your seats: Made of high-quality oxford fabric that will prevent your seats from getting affected by dirty-paws, fur or odors. The zip model apports extra protection to the sides of your car, avoiding scratches and mud, and facilitating your pet getting in and out of your car.

Easy to clean: 100% waterproof. Use a cloth or vaccum to easily get rid of the dirt.

water stucked in waterproof vehicle mat for dogs | malamute pet shop

Share a seat with your dog: Disengage the driver's and copilot's anchor point to get a "bench" design and use it with your dog.

Fits into any car: Universal design to fit any model of car, truck or SUV. Back Row Size (with and without ZIP) : 147 x 137cm, Trunk Size:162 x 142cm.

size chart for waterproof vehicle car mat for dogs | malamute pet shop

How to install our mat for dogs on your vehicle

  1. Fix the lower seat anchors by fitting them in the corner of the seats.
  2. Fix the back seat anchors to the back seats headrests.
  3. (Recommended) Introduce your dog's seatbelt through the hole.
  4. (If not sharing a seat with your pet) Fix the front seat anchors to the driver's and copilot's headrests.
  5. (Zip model) Zip and fix the side flaps for extra security.


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