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Our History

All started with Odyn, our magnificent Alaskan Malamute. We adopted him from a country family, whose dog, Kira, had had 8 little puppies! The first time we saw Odyn, we fell in love instantly. He was clumsy and funny (just like me). From that moment, we started a journey that has not finished yet.

Once we got home, I started looking for dog supplies. Collars, dog belts, dog food, etc. And you can imagine where I started looking, right? Well, I didn't go very well. Not very good quality, everybody has them, I didn't like it very much. Thank god they have good support for the returns!

Then, one day, I went to the dog park late at night and saw a glowing light running towards us. I get a little bit nervous at first, until I recognize it was a dog. But he was wearing a glowing collar! I couldn't resist asking the owner where it came from. After that moment, I started to look at strange and cool items for Odyn.

In very little time, I became an expert looking and acquiring these unique items, and my friends and family started asking me, and I started selling them.

Now, after some years, we stock, customize (and produce) some of the most unique dog supplies of the world, reaching more than 40.000 happy dog owners.


Our Philosophy

Dogs aren't our complete life, but make our lives complete.

In Bibo Paws, we want to make the pets as happy as they make us. Because pets and people are better together.

That is why we are committed to create, search and bring the best products and experiences in the world to satisfy every pet on the planet.


Our Mission

Our success is measured by the happiness of the people and pets that use our products, not only for the reach we have.

That's why we are always thinking of innovative ways to excite, surprise and thank our LOYAL dog lovers.

We want you and your dog to always be happy, so if you have any doubt, question or comment, please, don't hesitate to contact our helpful team.

Have a great day!
CEO of Bibo Paws
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