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ComfortMat™ | Therapeutic Calming Blanket for Dogs

ComfortMat™ | Therapeutic Calming Blanket for DogsDog Home Accessory Leather Pink / L - 100x75cm/39,3x29,5inch - Malamute Pet Shop

ComfortMat™ | Therapeutic Calming Blanket for Dogs

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The Easiest Way to Calm Your Pet

1 in 4 dogs experience stress and anxiety on daily basis. If left untreated, this problem can lead to a lack of appetite, destructive behavioral problems and a shorter life.

The solution? A dog's anxiety can be simply solved with a better night's rest. The MALAMUTE ComfortMat™ | Therapeutic Comfort Blanket for dogs will provide your pet an extra feeling of security and comfort, relieving the anxiety and stress and preserving this body heat in an effective way. This will result into more restful nights and a more confident and happy pet.

✅ Reduces the feeling of loneliness & vulnerability: The faux shag fur will remind your pup of their mother's fur and brings instant comfort. A natural ally that gives your pet support during storms, trips, fireworks, vet visits, loneliness and nerves.

✅ Minimalistic design: Simple and elegant. Will fit in every home style.

✅ Comfortable & Hygienic: Antibacterial skins and durable nylon combine to create a safe place to sleep.

✅ Machine-Washable: Easy to wash and dry to remove pet odors and excess hair. *Note: Dry immediately after washing to avoid hair tangling.

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