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PetriCut™ | Professional Pet Nail Clipper

PetriCut™ | Professional Pet Nail Clipper

PetriCut™ | Professional Pet Nail Clipper

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 Pain Free: The ultra bright LED light allows to spot your pet's exact blood lines without effort, while it's sharp stainless steel blade provides a clean and fast cut. No more bad experiences.

✅ High-Precision: Equipped with a x5 protection glass that will provide an augmented vision of the entire nail, so you will know exactly where are you going to make your cut.

✅ Fast & Convenient: No more guessing and dubting. Cut the nail through the right spot like a professional. The protection glass prevents the nails from spreading around and facilitates the cleaning.

✅ Safe & Easy to Use: Equipped with a glass protection to avoid accidental cuts to you or your pet and a anti-slip ergonomic handle for a safer and more comfortable use.


✅ Healthy pet: Long nails in contact with the floor exert a high pressure on your pet's paw, causing discomfort and even pain. This can drift in major problems like broken nails, paw wounds and can affect the posture. Treating their nails will help to improve their mood and health.

✅ No more Scratches: Decrease the damage caused by your pet's nails in furniture, doors, walls and your skin. Short nails make them feel comfortable and reduces the necessity of scratching stuff to release itchiness or pain.

✅ Save time and Money: Avoid wasting a lot of money in cutting your pet's nails by a professional and vet visits for treating major problems caused by long nails.

How to use
  1. Grab your pet's paw and be sure it's in a comfortable position to avoid unnecessary movements.
  2. Turn on the LED and put your pet's nail into the gap.
  3. Put the augmented glass in position and spot the blood line.
  4. Press the handle and make 2 clean cuts like in the figure, avoiding the blood line.
  5. Repeat the process with all the nails.

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